Example of activities

Here is an example of someone who is a Learning Technologist working for a university. He has been asked to produce a list of activities which have been learning opportunities. This is what he has listed:

  • Set up and maintained a website for my work area
  • Helped develop a procedure for assessing IPR (intellectual property rights) on published material
  • Developed and set up a video delivery system
  • Given talks at conferences
  • Produced educational videos
  • Been involved in a research project with another university
  • Developed app tutorials for the iPhone
  • Did a course on C# programming
  • Planned and run staff development sessions on use of technology in education
  • Worked alongside academics in producing learning materials

Once this list was drawn up, he looking through each item and ask himself:

  • How much of a role did I have in this task?
  • Which ones can I evidence and how, eg through a report or artefact?
  • For which ones can I get a testimonial from my employer or peers?
  • Which ones have particularly been learning experiences?


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